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Helping tradesmen create sustainable wealth, implement systems & marketing so that they can hang up their tool belt early.

I'm offering you the 4 part system to create sustainable wealth through implementing systems and marketing so you can hang up your tool belt early
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How to get massive results with minimal effort

We dig into your numbers and find extra revenue in your current pipeline to be able to hire a dependable team​


it saves marriages

We restructure your current operating systems to drastically reduce your working hours and automate a high percentage of your daily operations.


don't spend money on what's free to implement

Implement an organic marketing strategy that positions you as the number one tradesmen in your industry to attract consistent customers


no paid marketing beats the power of relationship building

Leveraging current relationships and inquiring digital sales with a heart-centered approach ​


the nail method
was created

The NAIL Method is a process of scaling the owner out of their business so that they can work on their business, and it can run with or without them. 

Josh Ross

From crippling anxiety and depression to time and a clean headspace

You’ve worked too hard to not be able to be present for your family. You’ve worked way too hard to not have an exit plan that sets your family up for the future.

The Heart Centered Tradesmen Podcasts mission is to help tradesmen (and women!) scale their businesses and hang up their tool belts early. As a therapist turned Digital Marketer, I gained equity in a roofing company after taking it from $800k to $2.4m in 14 months all while cutting expenses by $6,500 per month using what I now call the NAIL Method.

Too often business owners are sold the lie that increasing revenue is the only way to grow your business. So they hire more employees, they work longer days, they trade time with their family and never have a day off.And what they get is an increase in revenue, but also an increase in cash flow issues, employee turnover and monthly payroll.

The answer isn’t actually revenue, it’s reduction. The best way to scale your business is actually by reducing your time, resources, holes in your process and management issues that keep you in the backend. The quicker you are able to oversee your company, the sooner your company can expand.

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