Episode 44 – We Scaled Again Without Making a Hire…We Actually Fired a Team Member

Episode 44 - We Scaled Again Without Making a Hire…We Actually Fired a Team Member

Did you know you can scale your Trades company without making a hire? In fact, you can scale your company without being on your cellphone all day, every day. Gone are the days of interrupted date nights with your spouse. Heart-centered Tradesmen (and Tradeswomen!), it’s time to grow and scale your company without missing your son’s Tee-Ball game or your daughter’s dance recital. 

This week, I am sharing the number ONE thing we perfected in my Roofing, Siding, and now Solar Company that has increased our revenue way more than making a couple of hires would. I also share how we became more efficient in showing up for our homeowners simply by shifting the focus from hiring new employees in 2020 to dialing in on our systems and streamlining our process. 

Stay tuned for next week as I share the EXACT automation I’m using inside my marketing platform, getting homeowners to reply with their availability for a sales appointment 85% of the time!

Topics Discussed:

  • #1 thing we perfected in our company that tremendously increased Revenue 
  • Why being unorganized is wasting your company time (and money) 
  • Shifting the focus on Dialing in our Systems and Streamlining our Processes
  • Why Customer Communication is Key for the Trades Industry 

The Nail Method Toolbox is the step by step blueprint on how to increase revenue, decrease expenses so that you can gain more clients and give uninterrupted time to your family… 

…Without the stress of having to check your phone for new jobs or follow ups before bed. Get access to the FREE NAIL Method Tool Box:



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